Siemens CEDI

IONPURE®LX-Z industrial CEDI module uses a proven continuous deionization technology, continuous production of water and the quality of water is equivalent or better than the mixed bed of water, without the use of acid /alkali, neutralization systems and resin tank, professional "all filled with" concentrated water room, no salt and concentrated water circulation, with excellent insulation properties, operating costs far lower than conventional ion exchange. For electricity, electronics, HPI / CPI, food and beverage industry, as well as laboratory high water production.

Siemens CEDI
CEDI module LXM30Z LXM45Z
Size(mm) L: 665.3 C: 531.1 L: 880.4 C: 747.7
Product Flow, minimum(m3/h) 1.65 2.55
Product Flow, nominal gpm (m3/h) 3.3 5.1
Product Flow, maximum gpm(m3/h) 5.11 7.67
Operating weight(Kg) 123 145
Shipping weight(Kg) 100 122.5
DC Voltage(V) 0~400 0~600
DC Amperage(A) 0~6
Maximum feed water specifications
Feed Water Conductivity Equivalent, including CO2 and Silica < 40µS/cm
Feed water Source R/O
Temperature 5-45℃
Inlet Pressure 1.4-7bar
Maximum total < 0.02ppm
iron < 0.01ppm
Manganese < 0.01ppm
Sulfide(S-) < 0.01ppm
pH 4-11
Total Hardness(as CaCO₃) < 1.0ppm
Dissolved organics(TOC as C) < 0.5ppm
< 1.0ppm
Typical Module performance
Recovery 90-95%
Pressure Drop Range at Nominal flow 1.4-2.1bar
Product Resistivity > 16MΩ . cm*
Silica(SiO₂) Removal 90-99%, (See note below)
Operation condition
Set in indoor, do not take direct sunlight and do not exceed the operation temperature of 45℃.
Quality Standard
CE certified products. Membrane reactor manufacturing plant has passed ISO9001: 2000 certification
Each membrane reactor at the factory have been tested for compliance with INOPURE standards and industry standards.