Codeline Vessel

Codeline membrane shell is used for all standard membrane elements products. It installs rapidly, with lower frequency of using other elements, simple maintenance and equipment operation, convenient to maintenance and management and has a strong environmental adaptability.

  • 40E30N(Model): 4", 300PSI , Side Port
  • 80E25(Model): 8", 250PSI, Side Port
  • 80E40(Model): 8", 400PSI, Side Port
  • 80S30(Model)
8" Vessel :80E End Port Vessel
Model floor plan No. Pressure maximum temperature Burst pressure Length
80E30 99111 300psi/20Bar 120ºF/49℃ 1800psi/124Bar 1~7ea
80E45 99112 450psi/31Bar 120ºF/49℃ 2700psi/186Bar 1~7ea
80E60 99109 600psi/41Bar 120ºF/49℃ 3600psi/248Bar 1~7ea
80E100 99108 1000psi/68Bar 120ºF/49℃ 6000psi/413Bar 1~7ea
80E120 99110 1200psi/82Bar 120ºF/49℃ 7200psi/496Bar 1~7ea
4" Vessel :40A Side Port or End Port Vessel
Model floor plan No. Pressure maximum temperature Burst pressure Length
40A30 518001 300psi/20Bar 176ºF/80℃ 1800psi/124Bar 1~6ea
40A45 99127 450psi/31Bar 176ºF/80℃ 2700psi/186Bar 1~6ea
40A60 99128 600psi/41Bar 176ºF/80℃ 3600psi/248Bar 1~6ea
MK4040, MK8040

Our products are mainly divided into two types MK4040 and MK8040. We already have more than 10 kinds of water treatment processes applied to the RO system and VL systems, trade name Ocr18Nig. They're made of ABS, VPVC, NBR and other durable materials.

Model Pressure Membrane Size Vessel Size Inlet Diameter Outlet Diameter total length
MK4040-1 2MPa φ100×1016 φ102×1024 DN20 DN15 1078
MK4040-2 2MPa φ100×2032 φ102×2040 DN20 DN15 2094
MK4040-3 2MPa φ100×3048 φ102×3056 DN20 DN20 3110
MK4040-4 2MPa φ100×4064 φ102×4072 DN20 DN20 4126
MK4040-5 2MPa φ100×5080 φ102×5088 DN20 DN20 5142
MK8040-1 2MPa φ200×1016 φ203×1252 DN32 DN25 1252
MK8040-2 2MPa φ200×2032 φ203×2268 DN40 DN32 2268
MK8040-3 2MPa φ200×3048 φ203×3284 DN40 DN32 3284
MK8040-4 2MPa φ200×4064 φ203×4300 DN40 DN32 4300
MK8040-5 2MPa φ200×5080 φ203×4300 DN40 DN32 5316
  • Characteristic
  • - Leakage Minize: octagonal concave structure is stable after installation, optimization leak rate.
  • - Groundbreaking END design: NSF-certified Noryl END material with the latest design technology.
  • - Simple maintenance and operation: A special SIDE design allows easy field repair and replacement,
    shorten working hours.
  • - Fast assembly equipment: No special tools needed, quick and easy to assemble.